pc freeze!!!!

  Horgie 10:00 09 Nov 03

my pc freezes for no apparent reason i,m running win xp pro

  WaiKent 10:02 09 Nov 03

overheating? enter bios and check the pc health status. how high arethe temp of everything. and are all fans running. this is just a thought but probably wrong. so you could try and report back.

  JIM 10:23 09 Nov 03

would help to have some idea of what you were doing when your system freezes,and if there were any error message/s come up etc.

  Horgie 16:50 09 Nov 03

the pc will freeze at any time there is no pattern or time scale and it happens when on the net, playing games,downloading music etc.

  A_World_Maker 16:57 09 Nov 03

You say it happens at random, but in your 2nd entry you suggest 'when on the net, playing games, downloading music etc'... would also those have the internet in common?

  Horgie 17:04 09 Nov 03

no what i meant was it can happen at any time whether on the net or not, it can happen when the pc is just sitting with the windows screen only.

  WaiKent 17:06 09 Nov 03

go to accessories and system tools and get the resource meter up. it might show you if it is lack of resources.

  Horgie 17:24 09 Nov 03

it is not lack of resources, this checks out o.k. any more ideas, also can someone help me with the bios option and the suggetion that it could be overheating.

  alan 2273 17:58 09 Nov 03

What is your make of mobo as some are entered at startup by pressing the delete key and others by pressing the F2 key the look around for system hardware monitor

  Horgie 18:05 09 Nov 03

i hope you dont think i,m stupid but i,m not very well clued up in the pc world, more of a novice you might say whats a mobo and how do i find out what make it is.

  dawnyworld 18:38 09 Nov 03

does it totally freeze or is it just a pause

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