PC faxing: getting a handle on the tech available

  KenNC 12 May 09

I’m looking for information on setting up a PC based fax system with what seems to be a moderately unorthodox structure, and I have some questions about the different technology available.

Is it possible to have a single fax modem handle multiple fax lines? If it can, can they be multiple fax lines brought in through one cord (or do I need a hard line and plug for each)? And if it can handle multiple fax numbers on one wire (I know, questions built upon questions…) is there decent fax software able to sort the faxes back out or am I stuck with all of them getting dumped in one location once the lines are brought in together? Is there a PBX system (hosted or for in house installation) that might handle this well?

The most complicated bit to what I’m looking to do seems to be sorting out incoming faxes. I would potentially have a couple of hundred “destinations” (folders, emails, etc, any method of segregating the fax files) that specific email would need to be sorted to reliably and repeatedly.

Any help in the matter is appreciated.


  wiz-king 14 May 09

No - one line per modem is the norm, only one fax number per line. A PBX with as many lines as you need will still need more than one extention (fax machine or PC) to handle multiple calls, then you will have to sort them out.
Ther may be a specialist set-up out there, you would have to ask someone like BT.

  Steve Mat 16 May 09

Why not use a fax to email programme and then you can have as many lines as you want, all coming to the same email address.


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