pc fails to start

  karl1483 14:42 28 Nov 05

a friend has asked me to look at his pc which is an 1ghz athlon with 512mb ram and is running win xp with sp2.yesterday the pc failed to start,when it is turned on it does its bios checks but goes no further it sees the cpu and ram etc,but it will not boot to the operating system.there are no system beeps or anything it just doesnt boot to operating system as mentioned.i tried to get the pc to boot from the windows disk but it does nothing just says booting from cd rom.has anyone any clues as to the problems is it the hard drive that is knacked any help appreiciated.

  moore_mat 14:47 28 Nov 05

Is the hard drive detected karl1483?

Also - a silly one, but worth checking; but is there a floppy disk in the disk drive? I've seen it before and it's bound to happen again - if a floppy disk is in the drive; the computer just stops at that point and doesn't check the hard drive until you restart the PC with the floppy disk out!

Beyond that; check cables between the HD and motherboard. If they all seem OK, then try to get hold of a spare hard drive and see if the PC will at least recognise that. If it doesn't then it's the motherboard. If it does, the original hard drive has failed.

All the best


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:20 28 Nov 05

tried to get the pc to boot from the windows disk but it does nothing just says booting from cd rom.

if it will not boot from CD or HDD then pribably not a HDD error


1. switch off unplugg earth yourself

2. remove reseat graphic card and memory modules

3. check leads to HDD CD and Floppy

4. check BIOS is set to Boot 1st Floppy 2nd CD 3rd HDD

5. check HDD are seen in bios

6. Check FDC (floppy disk controller and IDE controllers are enabled in BIOS

7. attempt a reboot check HDD LED lit CD LED lit

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