pc does not start up

  krsna 08:46 18 Dec 08

when I switch on my pc it tries to load up xp but just before the welcome page a message appears about virtual memory being low and the pc just hangs there. I used Ubuntu to get into my hard drive and deleted some files and now there is 40gb of free space out of 120gb, but it has made no difference. I have tried to start up in safe mode and I still get exactly the same.Any suggestions.

  canarieslover 08:56 18 Dec 08

It's possible that some Windows files have now become corrupt. Change bios to boot from CD and use your Windows CD to carry out a repair of your installation.

  krsna 09:15 18 Dec 08

I have a recovery disk but it says that I will lose all applications & the xp will then not have sp3 etc. is there any way I can get onto a console repair and only repair xp without fully reloading it and losing other progams.

  Kingfisher 10:26 18 Dec 08

this will carry carry out a repair to xp without losing your data click here
good luck

  Kingfisher 10:30 18 Dec 08

or try this click here

  krsna 14:10 29 Dec 08

My pc will not boot and originally it was giving error message of "virtual mermory low..." I booted up with a boot disk of " ubuntu " and manged to delete some files on the nearly full hard drive, but that did not fix the fault. So I have made a copy of the hard drive using "HD clone" and an external hard drive but when I connect this external drive to another pc I cannot find the folder " My Pictures " nor "My doucuments" Any suggestions? I really wanted to save the photos and my outlook folders, before I do a full recovery to try and get my pc running again.

  Pineman100 14:26 29 Dec 08

I suggest that your best bet is probably to put the original HDD into another computer as a slave, and then to copy all your data off it. Or put it into a caddy and connect it to another computer via USB, and do the same thing.

Cloning the drive may just be replicating the problem on to the second drive.

  wis 17:13 29 Dec 08

if you have two disc drives, i normaly put linux
in one and copy my docs ect to cd writer

  Switcher 19:07 29 Dec 08

Have you tried starting in safemode, then increasing your virtual memory. Perhaps also you could add more ram to get it started.

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