PC died

  algernonymous 13:10 13 Jun 06

Using my PC yesterday, it suddenly cut out and everything was quiet. It will now not switch on, however there are still lights glowing on the keyboard and optical mouse.

  terryf 13:42 13 Jun 06

Try borrowing a PSU from some-one and fit it. How? click here

  xania 14:03 13 Jun 06

If you got any response like lights on, the PSU is unlikely to be the cause. I assume they go off when you switch off the PSU? Clearly, you're not going through the POST, as you're not getting any beeps. I'm afraid my favourite would be the motherboard. Check to see if there's a mobo fuse that could have blown, otherwise you may need a new mobo.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:21 13 Jun 06

Ther is probably enogh power to run keyboard but not enough for the haevy loads of Mobo and HDDs

PSU most likely (and cheapest) option to try first.

Unplug everything except mobo graphics card and 1 memory module (unplug CD/DVD/HDD)

It may then boot to error message "no op system"

  Josho™ 17:08 13 Jun 06

What are your PC Specs?

  woodchip 17:23 13 Jun 06

That's just how most PSU's go. If it's that it's a easy one

  woodchip 17:24 13 Jun 06

lights on, and fans spinning, Do not mean a thing when a PSU is up the Spout

  algernonymous 17:52 14 Jun 06

Phew! PSU it was. Now I've got to find a Compaq PSU. Why can't they use standard fittings like everyone else?!? Thanks everyone.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:35 14 Jun 06

It may be cheaper to buy a new case and PSU combined than to find a replacement compact PSU.

  algernonymous 18:55 14 Jun 06

Standard size PSU fits in OK, it's just that the holes don't line up with the Compaq case.

  woodchip 20:32 14 Jun 06

Why not drill the case

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