PC "Dead" ??

  373Bob 20:31 11 Sep 06

My other PC was accidentally left on for over a day, by my son. When I saw it it was displaying both the "power on" light (red) and the drive activity light (Orange). I checked the monitor, by moving the mouse and by using the keyboard, but nothin wouls display.
I switched the computer off, without doing the recommended closedown as this appeared to be the only option.
The PC will not fire up at all now. No lights or sounds coming from the "box". I have checked power connections, cables and fuses. All appear OK. Any suggestions folks ?

  Kate B 20:32 11 Sep 06

Any beeps? Do the fans start?

  373Bob 20:40 11 Sep 06

No fans or lights or any other indication of life

  ICF 20:42 11 Sep 06

New power supply?

  Kate B 20:50 11 Sep 06

That was my thought. Definitely worth trying.

  amateurann 21:52 11 Sep 06

I had all but given up when this happened to my dad's desktop a couple of weeks ago (i'd just replaced a dead monitor.) Having left it a couple of hours I gave it one last chance and it powered up. Still don't know what caused it.

  373Bob 22:12 11 Sep 06

Unfortunately waiting and trying again appears not to work. I think that it probably is the power supply unit. Thanks for your ideas

  Kate B 23:43 11 Sep 06

Check the fuse in the plug, too. Sounds daft, but as well to rule it out!

  DieSse 00:04 12 Sep 06

Unplug it from the mains - wait a few minutes, plug it in, and try again.

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