PC cutting out

  thedarkside 23:08 18 Aug 04

A friends PC has developed a habit of cutting out after 2 hours or so. CPU temps in BIOS read 40C-45C under load. System is Athlon XP2400, Coolermaster HSF, PC Chips 848 mobo, Sapphire 9800pro, HDD, DVD, and CDR drives on Windows 98. He uses one of those Ferrari lookalike cases with a 500W PSU. As CPU temp under load seems well within limits, I am suspecting the PSU as the culprit, as its not locking up but cutting out as if the power has been interrupted. The PC works perfecly well other than the above problem. The system is connected to one of those vertical surge protectors which I also suspect may be at fault. Any suggestions would be very welcome as the thing seems to work fine at my house, and not his, which is driving me crazy!

  johnsims 23:17 18 Aug 04

If it works OK at your house, there may be a problem with the mains at his. A momentary interruption to the mains will shut down the PC. Can you get hold of (borrow) a UPS and run the PC at his house through that. If UPS kicks in it is likely a problem with the mains.

  thedarkside 23:29 18 Aug 04

Thanks for the reply.
This is a reasonably new machine and his old Pentium 2 PC, while a bit slow didn't have this problem even though it was in the same room.

The tower case has pretty poor ventilation, yet heat build up usually manifests itself as system lock-ups. I wonder if the PSU may have a thermal chicken switch which when it gets to certain level, causes a reset.

  THE TERMINATOR 23:57 18 Aug 04

Yea, I had this prob with the telly a few years ago and I changed the wall socket that the TV plugged into, and the problem went away....TT

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