pc crashing

  chippy+ 13:42 08 Jun 09

hi my brother in law's pc crashes mid way through when he is converting avi files to dvd he has used various convertors ie ashampoo,covertXto dvd,and nero but it wont complete the pc works fine otherwise (xp home sp3 1gig of memory) thanks Chippy

  DieSse 13:44 08 Jun 09


Exactly how please - messages, etc.

  chippy+ 14:02 08 Jun 09

Hi DieSse

i have not been to been able to see the pc myself it seem to be explorer has to close down the error message is a collection of ie oxxioooo it was working fine before could it be a memory or driver fault thanks Chippy

  DieSse 14:26 08 Jun 09

It could be a whole host of things - the error messages may give a clue. Please try and find out what they are.

I suggest you brother-in-law comes here himself, then we can question him further to try and find out what's going on.

It's a bit like going to the doctor and saying my friends ill, what's wrong with him.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:48 08 Jun 09

The oxoo number is what we need to determine the problem

  OTT_Buzzard 16:50 08 Jun 09

if you can get any info from event viewer (Start menu - Run - eventvwr) that may also help

  chippy+ 19:52 08 Jun 09

hi thanks for the replies had to go out will see the pc tomorrow will get back and give any information Chippy

  chippy+ 12:04 10 Jun 09

hi sorry about the delay seen my brother inlaws pc it is an olpc wit 1600 intel 4 processor 1gig sdram i think it may be the built in graphics card when he is converting a avi file the program should show a preview screen while it is converting but dosen't when it starts there is what looks like a quick glims of the preview but dissapeers the program is converxto dvd which i have found to be very good Chippy

  Mrobjojo 19:58 10 Jun 09

Hi, i have done some burning avi to dvd and it sometimes maxed out the prossesor as transcoding uses alot of prossesing power,maybe the laptop is overheating,or the prossesor cannot cope,check the perfomance in task manager when burning avi to dvd.

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