PC crashes while scanning for viruses

  j18psf 11:48 02 Mar 05


I am trying to help out an old neighbour of mine, he has a PC running windows 98 and anti virus software( norton 2000 which has never been updated).

I said that i would install AVG 7 for him, however when i come to install it his PC crashes, is this a virus stopping the installation? or is does AVG not work on windows 98?

Also when running adaware his pc also crashes after a certain length of time, as if it has found something but the PC then reboots!

Any ideas of how to do a proper virus scan? When i bought Norton 2004, I could do a scan before boot up, is this possible in AVG or will i need any other software?



  ACOLYTE 13:06 02 Mar 05

If you acsess to the net you could try an online scan at click here

If Norton has never been updates chances are there is a virus on there,also did you uninstall Norton before trying to install AVG? it does work with 98 i used to use it with that OS with no problems.Another idea is to try to run adaware from safe mode,and if you can get AVG to install run this 2 from safe mode,also this little app click here is a stand alone virus scanner doesnt need installing just download and run.

  gudgulf 13:53 02 Mar 05

I would definitely start with Stinger from ACOLYTE's link above.Then I would download and run Ccleaner click here to clear the temporary files and lots of other accumulated junk from the pc.Many malware files hide in the temp directories so this would also get rid of any that are lurking there.Next I would try the online av scan at Trend (ACOLYTE again) then try Adaware again and also a2 click here

I would also be tempted to remove the side of the pc and check that it is not clogged up with dust an fluff,particularly the cpu heatsink/fan.Scanning with Adaware etc can work the processor quite hard and if it's overheating it might cause it to crash after a short period.

  j18psf 18:40 02 Mar 05

IF i scan his PC with the link to the Trend website, what happens if it finds one or more viruses?
Is there an option to remove from their site (im guessing you cant remove them)or will i be given some info on how to remove?

Just wondering cos if it finds some I will not be able to remove as AVG wont run.


  ACOLYTE 20:04 02 Mar 05

If Trend finds any viruses there is a box you can tick on the scan that lets it delete any viruses it finds,if it says that they are not removable,make a note of there location and remove them yourself after,then do another scan.

  j18psf 20:06 02 Mar 05

thanks very much for the advice

will give it a try

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