PC Constantly bleeping through speakers

  Johny C 15:48 03 Nov 05

Dont know if any one can help me, but my so called friend decided to mess about with my PC and now i am left with a constant bleeping sound through my speakers.

Hope someone can help

  Diemmess 16:16 03 Nov 05

(1) If the speakers are turned off, are there any other abnormal things happening? If so what?

(2) Which operating system are you using?

(3) Do you know what your friend was trying to do, or where he went on your computer. For example - On the net, or perhaps into the BIOS settings, or just trying to improve something?

  Johny C 16:24 03 Nov 05

Thanks for your reply

I am running Windows XP pro, AMD Athlonm 1800mhz, 512meg ram.

for some reason he uninstalled some programs including my anti virus and firewall, then he messed around with MSCONFIG, i have re-ticked the items he unchecked but the bleeping noise is still there.

i turn the speakers off and you cant hear it through the PC speaker, only when i turn my main speakers on does the bleeping carry on.

  Johny C 16:51 03 Nov 05


  Gongoozler 16:58 03 Nov 05

Do you have any system monitoring software as this sometimes sounds an alarm through the speakers if it detects a problem with temperatures, fan, voltage etc.

  Johny C 17:07 03 Nov 05

no i dont have any PC monitoring devices fitted to my computer,

  Diemmess 19:00 03 Nov 05

Stating the obvious, either your friend has added something or partially crippled something you had! At least the unwanted sound seems so far to be the only thing wrong.

Keeping to non drastic things, have you tried loading in Safe Mode and then looking in Device Manager for any yellow based exclamation marks?

I would recommend getting your AV and Firewall running again without delay. When you have done this, make a thorough scan for anything that might have crept in while your defences were down.

If these things don't find and correct the trouble then System Restore should be considered but others are better qualified to tell you how to go about that.

  Johny C 20:48 03 Nov 05


  Diemmess 15:29 04 Nov 05

No one else seems to be offering advice at present so it has to be said - Try connecting with Trend Housecall for an online scan in case unknowingly you have some mal-ware onboard. The scan is free, and if nothing turns up you will at least have possible mal-ware ruled out!

  Gongoozler 17:06 04 Nov 05

A constant beeping is usually caused by monitoring software sounding an alarm when something is wrong. If you're sure that you have no such utility running in the background, then you could try downloading and running MBM 5 from click here just to check that everything is as it should be. If nothing is detected that could give rise to an alarm, then the easiest solution could well be a fresh clean install of Windows and all your programs.

  amonra 17:14 04 Nov 05

Hows about the obvious, System Restore ???

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