PC clock keeps going haywire.

  The Kestrel 24 Sep 12

Three times recently the clock on my PC has overnight reset to a time in the year 2003. This is only discovered when I boot up and find several programs will not work until the time is reset correctly. There has been a gap of two or three weeks between each of these incidents. I always shut down my PC at night but leave it on standby, so it has power available 24/7. Can anyone suggest what is causing this problem and how to rectify it please?

  Nontek 24 Sep 12

Probably needs a new CMOS battery.

  Nontek 24 Sep 12
  woodchip 24 Sep 12

If its not the Battery, or it could be Battery Contacts need cleaning. It will other than the above be Faulty BIOS or Motherboard

  woodchip 24 Sep 12

PS Windows takes its time from the BIOS Clock. It can be reset from within windows Control Panel

  BT 24 Sep 12

Almost certainly needs a new battery on the motherboard, they don't last forever. I've just replaced mine after the clock kept resetting to 2008. Its simple to do, see Nontec's link above.

  The Kestrel 24 Sep 12

Thanks everyone for your input. I will go ahead, using Nontek's link and change the CMOS battery and see if that solves the problem.

  wee eddie 24 Sep 12

To clean the Contacts: Rub them with a blunt pencil


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