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  Computer Wizard 18:58 14 Jan 03
  Computer Wizard 18:58 14 Jan 03

I have recently started to build a Pc I have allready got the case,HDD,FDD,DVD-RW drive,Graphics card(AGP),Sound Card and a pair of speakers.
What I want to know is would the motherboard would fit into the case, the case is an ATX with 300w PSU. Would the motherboard ports for where you plug the things in eg: Mouse+Keyboard would line up correctly with the plate the case has. I know i havent listed it as what I all ready have because I am not going to buy things which are not of use to the computer and can't fit in.

Also I would like to know how do I go around installing an AMD Duron processor to the motherboard that supports AMD SktA as I have never attempted to do this.
Installing the OS onto the HDD using the Windows XP Pro Cd would work,would it? would this also format the drive and mark it as active and bootable? if not please tell me.


  Quiller. 19:06 14 Jan 03

Every thing you want to know about cpu, heatsink and fan installation here in video format. Most are under 1mb.

click here^6678,00.html

It takes about 90 seconds to load with a 56k connection.

Undock the player and expand to full screen, have your sound on for instructions.

  Quiller. 19:08 14 Jan 03

Well that link went wonky.

Go from here, click here, to video's. Down on the far right of the page.

  Elrond 19:39 14 Jan 03

Everything is pretty much standardised, so everything on the MOBO shud line up with the case fine. When you come to install the OS, go into the BIOS and change the 1st boot device o cd-rom. Insert the disk and restart the pc, and everything shud go fine, the installation will sort all formatting etc out for you.

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