PC Build - case vs motherboard query

  silverous 12:00 19 Apr 07


I've just ordered a Silverstone LC 10 case to build a PC into.

When I get a motherboard how do you ensure that the various ports, headphone socket, ethernet etc. all line up with the holes for those on the back ? Is it a standard fitting? The few motherboards I looked at looked like they wouldn't line up.




  MAJ 12:11 19 Apr 07

The backplate will come with the new motherboard, you just remove the one from the case (it slots in and out) and put the one for your motherboard it, it's just a tight push fit usually.

  gudgulf 12:13 19 Apr 07

The holes on the back of the case are on a removable plate of a standard size.It is a push fit into the case and is only meant as a blanking plate for the case when sold.

A motherboard will come with it's own plate that will match all the sockets on the board.

Simply push out the one from the case and insert the one that comes with the motherboard.

  silverous 12:23 19 Apr 07

Nice one, thanks!

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