PC boot up issue, Sizzling PSU, no boot, but power fans work etc

  pintofshite 12:58 11 Jul 14

Hello all I have a friend overseas who has just purchased a built computer. It was working fine until it just shut off.

Now when he switches it on all the fans spin up (inc psu) slower like in 1st gear. Nothing on the screen, no beep,and he can hear sizzling from PSU area.

Would anybody have any ideas on his issue please, I assume its a PSU issue ?

Thanks very much in advance


  pintofshite 13:00 11 Jul 14

Also forgot to mention all green lights on the Asus Motherboard, AM3 socket. He is worried that he has lost all of his pc

  Jollyjohn 13:37 11 Jul 14

Sounds like PSU failure, if new, return for a replacement PSU. The rest of the PC should be fine, all data should still be on hard drive.

  pintofshite 14:23 11 Jul 14

Thanks Jolly, it seems that way. Is there a way to find out if its the motherboard etc ?

  onthelimit1 15:35 11 Jul 14

The only way really is to try a substitute PSU.

  pintofshite 17:04 11 Jul 14

Hello, thanks for the replies, he tried a known working PSU and the system tried to spin up (which I did for a few seconds)and then went to nothing, he has since put that PSU back in another comp and is working fine again, so the sub PSU didn't cure the problem.

  Jollyjohn 18:28 12 Jul 14

Did the suspect PSU work in the other computer?

If this computer is new you may have voided the warranty by swapping out PSU's but I would look for a replacement from the supplier as a first option.

Otherwise, next step would be to look for a replacement motherboard, on eBay, and try that.

  alanrwood 11:03 13 Jul 14

Stop wasting your time. If it has just been purchases then it is the seller's responsibility to sort it out. Continuing on to try this and that could well invalidate your warranty

Regarding the power supply. Was the second one powerful enough to run the machine.

  bumpkin 11:33 13 Jul 14

Longshot but worth checking for a damaged USB port shorting out. I have had this on my sons with similar symptoms.

  pintofshite 19:44 13 Jul 14

Thanks all, he is playing safe and sending it to an PC engineer. The computer was purchased from ebay 7 months ago, he is speaking to the seller but having no joy.

  pintofshite 18:48 02 Aug 14

Hi all an update, okay the engineer (his friend) had a looked at it and found that the graphics card had conked out. He put another one in and it worked for 24 hours. Sadly he got his pc back and within a days of gaming the same issue came back, same as my first post.

Could it be his board ?

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