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  Blanc Glacier 17:50 01 Jun 04

Hi, I keep getting pop ups from McAfee everytime i run a speedtest. Bascially saying my systems performance is low and i could boost it up with their PC Booster (click here)

What is all this about? Does it really work? I already have 352MB DDR RAM in my comp...yer it does seem slow at times. But if you could give me some info on this, i.e. recommendations etc then that would be great.

Also are their any free software that can do this?

  Fruit Bat 18:01 01 Jun 04

to speed up computer get rid of all start up programs and services you don't require eg office start up bars, messenger, quick time, etc.

click here for more advice.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:11 01 Jun 04

The advert is not testing your computer, it just looks that way. get Adaware click here, regseeker click here and clear out all your temp, cookie, history and temp internet files and your computer will run fine. All the preceeding lot costs nothing....Oh, and forget the speed tests, they afre less than useless.


  GaT7 18:36 01 Jun 04

Also do a Scandisk (or Chkdsk) & Defragment every once in a while (Scandisk - once in 2-3 months & Defragment - once a month). For a free defragmenter (if the Windows one runs too slow or keeps restarting) - click here.

Install SpywareBlaster - click here to keep out ad/spyware. Remember to enable protection after installation & check for updates regularly.

My suggestion would be not to buy any sw that promises to boost your PC - they are a con IMHO. For some free optimisers & tweakers - click here & click here. HTH, G

BTW, which OS are you using?

  Blanc Glacier 19:15 01 Jun 04

Hi firstly thanks for all your help and guideance, i will leave this thread open for a while just to see what other suggestions other may have.

The OS in which i am using is XP Pro. I have heard XP is very memory hungry and thus prob why it seems slow at times.


  GaT7 22:34 01 Jun 04

Some more optimising articles/tips: 1. click here 2. click here 3. click here 4. click here

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