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PC Answer Phone

  Lewy76 23:35 31 May 03

I currently have two numbers for my single phone line. One is a business number that is piggy-backed on the normal number (business is an 0800).

I would like to be able to detect when someone is dialling the 0800 number then direct it to my PC where I can take a message and record the details of who called, i.e. Phone number area code etc etc.

Please help.

  fitshase 23:44 31 May 03

I don't think that this can be done.

You would be better off to get a second line in and have the 0800 number going to that line.

That way:-

1. If you are on the phone at home, the business line is not engaged.

2. You can send faxes while you are on the phone using the other line.

3. You can connect the 0800 line to the computer and have it record the details and messages.

4. Someone can send you a fax to the 0800 number and the computer will automatically detect if it is a fax and will pop up on screen and take the fax.



  y_not 05:18 01 Jun 03

BT offer a package called (If I remember correct) Call-Alert. This works by using two different numbers on one line (much like your current set-up) and each number has a different ring tone.

As for software to detect the ring-tone - sorry - I've never come across any. What I used to use was an old Symantec product called Talkworks which I found to be excellent, if a bit buggy, for my needs, taking calls, faxes, redirecting calls etc.

As fitshase says two lines offer advantages as I found the day my wife answered a call, expecting it to be her friend, with "Hello" as the introduction. That first impression nearly cost me 12 grand of business - the second line was fitted in days

  graham√ 10:01 01 Jun 03

As above, BT do have a service which will provide different ringing signals for each number on the same line, but that will not give you what you want. If you are on 56K dial-up for your PC, consider Home or Business Highway. This would give you 3 numbers (one could be your 0800), and 2 ISDN channels on the same line. Cheaper, I suspect, than a second line.

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