PC & Xbox feeding single monitor.

  bigmike 08 Jul 11

Hello, may I ask what may be a 'no brainer'? I have a single 24 inch HDMI monitor and I have to swap feed from PC to Xbox360 depending on which I want to use. I don't like changing the multi pin plugs over again and again, for fear of damaging a pin. So is there a simple way of connecting both units to the monitor, so that it will display from the one that is switched on? Or must I wait for Father Xmas to bring me another monitor? Mike (York)

  gengiscant 08 Jul 11

Want make model of monitor are you talking about. I have my wii, a PC connected to my TV because it has plenty of connections and its then just a matter of changing the source on the remote control to which one I want to use.

I can probably use my Dell UltraSharp U2410 24in Monitor as it also comes with lots of different connection ports.

So what ports do you have on your monitor, ideally two HDMI ports would probably work.

  bigmike 08 Jul 11

Thanks for your response. My BenQ 24 inch monitor has a single HDMI socket, as does the Xbox 360. There are no USB sockets, which the Xbox does have. A KVM switch could be the answer, but I really want to hear it from 'the horses's mouth'! It sounds as if you have the same/similar setup. Mike

  windsock 09 Jul 11

hi i use this for my xbox and pc http://www.cclonline.com/product/27766/SB-472/KVM-Switches/2-Way-VGA-/-SVGA-Manual-Switch-Box/KVM0051/same principle three ports on back xbox and pc tower plug into back third lead plugs into moniter then just switch over using a or b

  bigmike 09 Jul 11

Hello Windsock! Thanks for your tip. I'll check it out. Mike

  bigmike 16 Jul 11

Thanks again Windsock and others......it works, it works! All systems are now GO!


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