pc almost at a standstill

  March Wind 11 Apr 13

Win xp I haved been waiting amost an hr to install 3 of 6 wind xp update. This goes for every thing on this pc. It is not my pc I have been told not to update install anything but could u give me some advise please At the moment I am using a netbook to post this thrread

  March Wind 11 Apr 13

I would also like to switch the pc off but it is telling me not to switch off or unlug, It is not pluged into a seaege plug so i do not like to manually turn off just in case it breaks on me

  wee eddie 11 Apr 13

The hard drive's probably almost full.

It doesn't want you to turn off until the Updates have installed themselves, then it will turn itself off.

Leave it on and go to bed. - see what it is doing in the morning.

  spuds 11 Apr 13

If its taking ages to install updates, then that might suggest something like 'checking' is in progress. What anti-wares are in constant use on the machine?.


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