PC Advisor ticker (CISCO)

  provider 2 15:52 23 Nov 09

Any ideas on how to block this new masthead ticker?

It`s sending my firefox.exe usage to 98%

  Fingees 15:59 23 Nov 09

I use firefox with windows 7. No Problem

  provider 2 16:04 23 Nov 09

I`ve found two Cisco/ticker items in Adblock Plus and blocked both of them but to no effect.

The only way to stop the ticker seems to be to point the cursor at it, whereupon the CPU usage drops to zero.

  I am Spartacus 16:07 23 Nov 09

Uses about 15% on mine. If you put your cursor over it it pauses and usage drops to zero again.

  woodchip 16:09 23 Nov 09

I use Flock that uses Firefox Engine, but don't know what you mean by ticker. I don't get pop-ups

PS I also use Host file thats stops these Adds

  provider 2 16:14 23 Nov 09

I`ve just tried IE 8 and it`s much the same.

iexplore.exe running at 97% when the text is scrolling across the page.

  birdface 16:20 23 Nov 09

It seems to be for about the last fortnight they seem to be making one mistake after another.Time that they got their act together and put things right.
Complaining does not seem to help.

  woodchip 16:22 23 Nov 09

Why not do what I do instead of complaining. I don't get any of it

  woodchip 16:24 23 Nov 09

click here and popup blocker in your browser

  provider 2 16:24 23 Nov 09

Normally the EasyList subscription filter in Adblock Plus stops most things but it`s having a problem with this one.

I wouldn`t bother but such high CPU usage is slowing my system to a crawl.

  woodchip 16:31 23 Nov 09

Yes just turned Scripting off and its gone

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