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Hi all
I just wonder if it was just me, I tried to connect to the Pc Advisor site yesterday without any luck. And I also noticed lately that the site is very slow to navigate!!!

  smegs 10:32 26 Nov 03

I'm on broadband and I couldn't get on yesterday. Seems ok today.

  Andsome 10:33 26 Nov 03

From comments posted in Windows forum website this morning it would appear that practically the whole world has had spasmodic problems. I could not get e-mail or the INTERNET at all for a period this morning on NTL. I wonder if all the spam that is flying about has contributed to the problems. I change my e-mail address last night to something which is more obscure, in the hope that auto diallers will not find me. This morning I have NO spam compared with anything up to a hundred.

  smegs 10:34 26 Nov 03

Thans to Vog, this may help click here

  Stuartli 12:23 26 Nov 03

No problems with PCA website yesterday...

  A15 14:59 26 Nov 03

NTL were having system wide/country wide sporadic problems upto midday today. My connection has been on & off for the past three days. Time to seek a credit I think!

1. This announcement was made at 13:00 on Wed 26th November. We suffered a major outage affecting internet usage last night. This was the result of a routing issue between Europe and the United States. This caused a number of internet sites to be unavailable and customers may have experienced errors relating to registration,email and browsing the internet . We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

  woodchip 15:44 26 Nov 03

I could not get anywhere last night on BT-NTL Dial-Up, I could connect but thought it was Comp so did a reinstall of Image and still the same came on this morning without any Probs. The site hear is OK more or less instant. Been out for a CRT 19" Monitor at MAKRO Cost £89.99 plus VAT 1600x1200 @ 75mhz

  Sir Radfordin 16:06 26 Nov 03

The real reason for problems: click here

  BREEN 16:24 26 Nov 03

I am with Virgin.I could connect but not access my email or websites.Accused my teenage daughter of allowing a virus on to the machine.Humble pie for tea.Alternatively I could keep quiet and claim credit for fixing the PC.

Luck I was not checking my bank in India.

  canard 17:08 26 Nov 03

Suppose it was a whale using the cable as a back scratcher. Thought I had a virus/nasty too. my NTL BB down from 5.30pm and was still a gonner at midnight. Changed to original PC which was ditto. NTL BB was back at 3am both firewall logs full of alarming entries with things that got past the blocked bit I'd put in for and Winkernel32.dll carry on. No signs of boarders so far.

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