PC Advisor Metas

  jz 17:58 12 Jul 04

To get some ideas of what metas to use in a website, I had a look at the ones for the PC Advisor website. I was surprised that they didn't contain much...

meta name="Description" content="PC Advisor">
meta name="Keywords" content="PC Advisor">

I thought that they helped to get higher up in web searches, so is there a reason why PC Advisor don't add any extras?

  Gaz 25 18:08 12 Jul 04

To be honest - googlebot is clever...

It tends to look at your meta tags, for the AMOUNT of content. The more you have the more eager they think you are for rankings.

Therefore the less you have the kinder thre googlebot. Or at least thats how I understand it.

However google does not use meta tags for placement, it searches yuor text.

It does not like text the same colour as the background either, or any hidden comments to get yourself higher.

  Gaz 25 18:09 12 Jul 04

<meta name="keywords" content="BBC, bbc.co.uk, Search, British Broadcasting Corporation, BBCi" />

  Forum Editor 19:53 12 Jul 04

to have metatags these days - the search engines have their own ways of knowing how to rank a site, and an explanation of how they all do it would fill a big book.

Leave metatags off and they'll still find you and list you - eventually. Put them in and it makes little difference. It does no harm, but avoid huge lists - stick to a couple of very relevant keywords.

  jz 21:23 12 Jul 04

I guess that most other website and many text books on web design haven't caught on to this yet.

  james55 00:10 17 Jul 04


Unless you intend to pay for a high ranking, the next best thing is patience and time. The longer you are on the net the better search engines will find you.

I have found out to my cost that they will pick up a few lines of your main pages and when they cut it off it might sound different than you intended.

Keep it short and to the point, as it is very hard to change later.


  james55 00:13 17 Jul 04


I mean't to add not all search engines bother too much about Metas.


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