PC Advisor on iphone

  Chronos the 2nd 27 Nov 12

Someone recently gave me an iphone 3GS and whereas I have been able to logon to other forums using Safari,there is nothing on the PC Advisor site that allows me to logon.

Has PC Advisor got a hidden trick somewhere or am I missing something?

  Woolwell 27 Nov 12

You will be using the mobile version of the site and somewhere in amongst the text in a slightly different shade of blue will be the words log in. I'm logged in on my phone at the moment and cannot find the words but will keep looking.

  Woolwell 27 Nov 12

Found it. Open a forum and at the very bottom you will find "to post a reply, etc" The "if you are already a registered member ...." This is then followed by "log in now". Click on that. It is rather obscure.

  Matt Egan 27 Nov 12

When you are in a thread, click 'Post a response', below the forum title.



Beneath the input box you'll see a 'Log in now' link. Click that and sign in as usual.



Unfortunately the iPhone doesn't like cookies so you will probably have to log in each time.


  Chronos the 2nd 27 Nov 12

Testing advice.

  Chronos the 2nd 27 Nov 12

Cheers Woolwell and Matt for putting me right.

Simple when you know how.

  Phil Ocifer 27 Nov 12

I have an iPhone 3GS and can offer the following hints just in case (by a slim chance) you are using the "PCA App".

First off, the PCA App does not allow access to the forums. Or at least it didn't when I loaded it 2 months ago and I've had no updates for it since.

If there are no forums there is little point logging in and I don't think there is a log in option within the App.

Therefore, the suggestions above may cause infinite frustration as they don't mention the differences betsween the App and browser at all.

Assume therefore that you are on Safari (or another browser) in which case Woolwell and Matt Egans responses are perfectly valid.

  Phil Ocifer 27 Nov 12

No need to reply - I see you are sorted. Phil

  Chronos the 2nd 27 Nov 12

Phil Ocifer

No I do not use the app,no use for it.


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