pc accelerator

  bigburd 19:47 01 Dec 04

when i downloaded idigicom pc accelerator it came up with optimization failed due to internal w m i error. how can i get rid of this error???????? plese help

  TommyRed 19:52 01 Dec 04

Uninstall and re-install maybe, or try a fresh download. Sorry don't know what the error is. TR

  Halmer 19:55 01 Dec 04

version of Windows because it seems to work on XP but not 98/ME maybe?

  Halmer 19:55 01 Dec 04

version of Windows because it seems to work on XP but not 98/ME maybe?

  TommyRed 20:12 01 Dec 04

Just read on Google that this error COULD be caused by a virus, do you have anti-virus and is it up to ate. Maybe do a sweep of your system with your AV or the highl recommended, on this forum, Avast Virus/Worm Cleaner click here HTH TR

  London-200364 18:22 03 Dec 04

I have the same problem and I installed/uninstalled at least 3 time but to now avail.
I went through all security utilities(Ad-ware,SpyBot Search&Remove, Norton Antivirus and I have Zone Alarm) all updated but I couldn't find any viruses on my PC. So I believe there is nothing do to with viruses, not in my case anyway.
The irony is that this PC Accelerator is made by indicon(or so it says on CD and the program) and when I visited click here, there was nothing about PC Accelerator.
I find it rather strange since this software was thoroughly checked by PC Advisor before it went to market and yet, not only we have this problem but there is no technical support either by PC Advisor nor the manufacturer itself.
Let's all hope that there will be an update from Microsoft soon, as they said there will be one.

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 18:31 03 Dec 04
  JaßîsFaß ˜ 22:27 10 Dec 04

I have PC Accelerator set to auto update as mentioned in the link above. I don't know if it has updated itself, but the program runs from start to finish ok.

I can't really vouch for how much it 'accelerates' as I tend to keep my PC tidy, regularly defrag etc, and it's less than 3 months old.

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 15:06 26 Dec 04

Have you got it working?

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