PC 5.1 speakers adapted for DVD player?

  dontaskme 20:14 17 Sep 04

I've bought a logitech 5.1 speaker system mainly to replace my broken pc speakers, but also because (I thought) they work with DVD players and Playstation 2.

The connectors are three 3.5mm mini-stereo plugs, is there an adapter that will work with my DVD player. My DVD player has built in 5.1

They came with an adapter to work on the Playstation2, but i can't figure out what's needed (or where to connect on the ps2) to get it set up.

I've tried searching the net, but don't actually know what i am looking for (first non-free with the pc speakers).

Any suggestions?

  dontaskme 20:48 17 Sep 04

I'll check back later.

  dontaskme 17:21 18 Sep 04

The ps2 connection was pretty obvious when i went back to it. Still haven't found an adapter for the DVD player. I'm sure there will be one.

  Noleg24 17:27 18 Sep 04

To be honest I dont think you can hook you PC speakers to the DVD player thats why they have DVD home theatre centres...where you can have a 5.1 speaker setup just for the DVD player and TV/Hi Fi...if you can find an adapter good luck but let us know...but if they had an adapter I dont think they would be making seperate speakers just for the DVD players and TV/Hi Fi's...if it says PC speakers then thats exactly what its for...PCs!!!

  dontaskme 20:03 18 Sep 04

They also have region 1 dvds, it doesn't mean i can't play them. I'd be very surprised if there wasn't a way, I just need to work out the names of the connectors (and of course find an adapter if it exists).

Thanks for replying.

  Gaz 25 00:18 19 Sep 04

You have RCA phono jacks on the back of the DVD I assume?

+ you also have RCA jacks on the end of the PS 2.

The red and white are the sound plugs.

You need to buy the 3.5mm stereo jack to 2 RCA connectors.

Connect the rca (make sure its the correct one) to the PS 2's right and left outputs on its cable, and then connect these to the 3.5 jacks.

For the DVD player you would have to do this for every channel.

Good luck.

  dontaskme 17:53 19 Sep 04

It's a pansonic s75 and seems to have all possibilities covered. Just reading from the back: Digital audio out (coaxial and optical); Audio out (5.1ch and 2ch); Componnent video out; video out; s video out; and av scart. I assume only the audio connections are relevant, but I don't know.

Gaz25, that's an option i had found (except they were discontinued), I wasn't sure how that would work with the subwoofer and centre speakers. The sockets for them are greyish. Would it be a case of trial and error or is that likely to damage the speakers? I can't seem to find 'female' 3.5mm stereo to 2 rca 'male'

Thanks for the help.

  dontaskme 18:07 19 Sep 04

I've found the 'female' 3.5mm stereo to 2 rca 'male'.

click here

I'll wait until I know whether it will work with the Subwoofer/centre plug, or whether there is a better way.

  dontaskme 18:20 23 Sep 04

I've got it sorted now. I touched the rca ends to see which was the centre speaker.

The sound is amazing. Home theatre system, PC speakers and ps2 speakers for £40 (plus £5 for cables). Thanks Again :D

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