Is PayPal Safe and reliable?

  Red Herring 19:29 21 Jul 03

I am considering setting up a PAyPal account. Does anyone have any experiences - good or bad?


  AMD 4 ever 19:33 21 Jul 03

excellent service. I use it when someone buys a pc off me they can pay by switch or credit card!

  BurrWalnut 19:38 21 Jul 03

I'm not sure but isn't there a percentage uplift on prices to the buyer?

Someone will surely put me right.

yes I use PayPal often and they are totally secure and safe (Wells & Fargo backed). Just make sure you NEVER respond to ANY requests for your details - Paypal will NEVER ASK YOU and any email that does is a fraud!

However, Paypal does take rather a long time to get money out - about 5-7 days (I have just made a withdrawal) and yes, there is a percentage charge against the amount you withdraw making it potentially expensive and many people who sell on ebay ask buyers to add anything between 3 - 5% to cover these costs, possibly putting buyers off!

Another great service is Nochex. much cheaper and faster.

Both are secure so long as you are sensible!

  PurplePenny 19:47 21 Jul 03

Some traders do add something to the price if you pay via PayPal but the terms of the agreement are that there is no premium added.

If you mean PayPal's own cut - it is the seller not the buyer that pays that.

Red Herring - go for it - we use a PayPal account as both a buyer and a seller and have had no problems.

Get a NoChex account too - similar to PayPal but UK based, accepted by growing number of businesses and auctions.

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  ellas 19:57 21 Jul 03

had no problems with paypal and instead of using my credit card I now use my switch card.

  Red Herring 20:33 21 Jul 03

.....for the advice. Looks like I'll be going for it!!

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