Terry Brown 19:35 24 Oct 06

I have received an Email asking me to send a penny to Save the Children, by mobile phome ,to win a car.

All I have to do is text the money to 07985 884884 (Premium rate number), and they will phone me back to confirm entry-then just enter my paypal pin number....

Do I smell a rat?

  anskyber 19:41 24 Oct 06

Seems like a whole sewer full of them.

  Meshuga 19:47 24 Oct 06

Dont answer it, just dump it.

  megapack 20:03 24 Oct 06

I had an email today into my hotmail account, asking to click on a link and re-enter my Paypal password.

Never had Paypal linked to a hotmail account. One day I think for the fun of it I will click on the link and put in a password of f*@%& *&F.

  Bagsey 20:14 24 Oct 06

Dont even think about doing that . You are only confirming that your site is operative and ready for more junk. A delete key is probably the best course of action.

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