Paypal, is it worth while?

  Willow12 19:26 15 May 03

I have set up a PayPal account as it seemed to be an ideal way to pay, and receive payment, on Ebay. However I have never used it as the charges seem unclear!

The PayPal site seems to indicate that there are no charges for transactions, but a small one to withdraw your money.

However I have heard that you get charged when someone pays by Credit Card (which most people would do online). Can somebody give me the lowdown on this please.


  hugh-265156 19:41 15 May 03
  A15 19:41 15 May 03

I used Paypal a few months ago & shortly after closed my account with them as I could never log in to my account. I sent numerous emails to Paypal & did not get one reply. On saying that they were in the middle of upgrading their systems to replace the Billpoint system on Ebay. I do not know much about the charges but I believe it is around 3% to withdraw money to your bank account & can take upto 10 days.

I use Ebay quite a bit now & I use Nochex from click here I find the service fast & not too expensive. They do not charge for somebody to pay you or for you to make a payment from your Nochex account. The fee for withdrawing money to your bank is 99p or 1% whichever is greater & takes a maximum of 3 days. They also have "pay me now"links that you can paste into your auctions. I am sure their are lots of people out there who have had good experiences on Paypal & would call me a whinger! but I find Nochex much more suited to my needs.

  otubby1 19:55 15 May 03

I am registered with Nochex and was talking with a collegue at work today who informed me that they have been taken over by Paypal.

I haven't bought anything for about two months so I don't know if this is true. I'm going to check it out - no pun intended :)

  The Spires 20:03 15 May 03

I have used Paypal ofer a dozen times without any problem.

  hoverman 20:35 15 May 03

I have used Paypal for a long time now but only as a buyer on eBay. Never had any problems and I now restrict my bidding to sellers which use Paypal. So easy and so quick.

  bpzoom 22:05 15 May 03

Agree entirely with Hoverman, I have used PayPal for well over a year, fast, efficient, secure no problem at all, and no charges of course if you are buying. Never used it as a seller, but know others who do and seem well content with it.

  A15 23:58 15 May 03

Ah well as they say there's always one, & this time I am it!!

Must have just had a run of bad luck when trying to log into Paypal, but as I say it was throughout the time Ebay were replacing Billpoint with Paypal. Maybe I will try again now.

  Willow12 19:22 16 May 03

Specifically does anybody know if there is a charge as a seller if someone pays using Credit Card?

Thanks A15 You make a good case for Nochex, I'll have to look into it.

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