Iceman244 30 Oct 09

Hi Everyone,

I would like to know if anyone has experience of selling digital goods using

I am selling my first eBook online and wanted the download to be sent or available to the customer straight away automatically.

Originally I purchased a script in order to do this but that was beyond my skill level, and I can’t find how to do it in PayPal.

I then found payloadz which seemed to be the ideal solution but I am some problems with it. Also there support team are very slow at getting back to you.

I have tried buying my product for real to test everything out but although the sales appear in payloadz, no money shows in my PayPal account and I can’t withdraw the money from payloadz.

Can anyone help?

Many thanks.

  buteman 31 Oct 09

Not sure if you should have maybe put this in the Business section or not.

I could not find many reviews about it except from those selling it.The reviews at the bottom of this page were not great.

click here But you really need advice from someone that uses it.

  Iceman244 31 Oct 09

Thanks buteman,i have read the reviews and they were very helpful.

If I am honest I was just so pleased to find somewhere that would automatically send my eBook to the customer that I probably did not review it enough.

I just want an easy solution to delivering my digital product to the customer and if I am honest I am surprised you cant do it with PayPal.

Maybe this should be in the business section so how do I transfer it there as dont want a duplicate post?

Thanks once again

  buteman 31 Oct 09

FE is usually a busy man.
But maybe send him an e-mail message explaining that you may have put it in the wrong forum.
And would he want to shift it.
He will either shift it or say it is ok where it is.
He may also be able to give you some advice on your problem.
He is a bit like my wife,She has an answer to everything as well.

  Forum Editor 01 Nov 09

from Absolute beginners.


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