SEASHANTY 14:46 04 Feb 03

Can anyone suggest the cheapest and most acceptable way to pay for shareware. I do not want to pass my credit card details over the net to a small developer who probably has no secure server. Sending UK cheques to the USA is useless.
Banks charge too much to transfer the cash. Sending registered UK banknotes abroad is also pretty near useless as it costs too much to change them to local currency. Banks charge a fortune for sending small sterling transfers abroad. Being unable to resolve this problem means I have never ever purchased any shareware.
How do you resolve this?

  tran1 15:04 04 Feb 03

I think its really up to the Company you are buying from. They may have other methods but most often its always Credit cards if purchasing over the internet. You just gonna have to email them to see if they accept any other methods.

  Audeal 15:10 04 Feb 03

PayPal is one option open to you. Credit Card Details are given over a secure server and is quite a popular system. click here

  MartinT-B 15:18 04 Feb 03

Nochex is another way click here You can payanyone with a UK email address.

Paypal needs your CC details. Nochex uses a debit card.

How does NOCHEX work?
NOCHEX allows you to send money to anyone with an Email address. This is how it works:

1. You 'Load' money from your bank account into your NOCHEX account using your debit card.

2. Once you have money loaded into your NOCHEX account you can 'Send' it to any one with an Email address. The money is INSTANTLY moved from your NOCHEX account to the recipients NOCHEX account. Both parties will be notified by email that the money has been sent.

3. Once the money has been sent the recipient can 'Withdraw' it to their bank account. If they don't have a NOCHEX account they will need to register before they can 'Withdraw' the money.

  TBH1 16:42 04 Feb 03

MartinT-B has just said it all re NOCHEX. I use this facility though have only used for UK stuff. I believe PAYPAL is what most people use for transactions with USA.

  misery 19:46 04 Feb 03

could also get another credit card and set it with a definitive spend limit per month. Most C.C companies will do this and issue a second card.

  SEASHANTY 14:46 05 Feb 03

Many thanks for all the suggestions folks. It was
mainly payments to the US I had in mind. Special
thanks to grove34 for the information contained in the email via PCAdvisor. Will act accordingly.
Good surfing.

  BlueMeanie 18:25 06 Feb 03


I bought a modest amount of US Dollar notes, and send them via the post (a little risky I know) when required. No problems so far...... I enclose my e-mail addresss so that licences etc can be sent to me.

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