Paying To Send E-mail

  tbh72 14:17 22 Mar 03

I was just thinking about how very lonely my inbox is this morning. Like most I have taken all the necessary steps to ensure spam received is at a minimum.

I am with freeserve BB, and pay £27.00 per month. If freeserve decided to charge say .10p per e-mail sent, and offset it against my monthly subscription every month I could afford to send 240 e-mails (without actually paying anything). These e-mail / spam companies have millions of emails disributed monthly, if they too had to pay including there offset.......

I think you know where im going with this, what are your thought's / could it be implented?

  powerless 14:28 22 Mar 03

"The penny Black Project" - I posted about micorsoft wanting to do what you say in the Consumerwatch.

It was from an article in a newspaper. I cannot find my post but - Lot of angry people paying to send there emails.

  tbh72 14:34 22 Mar 03

Yes I remember seeing that...... But if you look closely at my suggestion you will see that even the most avid personal user of email is going to be hard pressed to use their monthly allowance. Only those whom send absurd numbers of email will actually pay!!!!

  powerless 14:39 22 Mar 03

I see now.


I think it's a good idea.

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