PAYG Broadband from Metronet

  pj123 15:02 03 Apr 04

My neighbour wants to switch to Broadband. He is on Tiscali dialup at the moment. Tiscali are doing an offer of BB at 512kbs at £19.99 per month with a 50 hours a month limit. Free setup and free modem. They say he can’t have that but he can have 512kbs unlimited for £24.99 a month. What is the problem here? If he can have unlimited why can’t he have the offer of 50 hours?

Anyway I suggested he try the Metronet offer which gives 512kbs for a minimum of £10 and up to 200mb usage with a cap of £23.99 for unlimited use and only a 3 month contract. There is a £59 one-off charge and, I understand you have to buy your own modem. Can someone tell me the best modem to buy please and is there anything else that needs to be bought

  MichelleC 16:34 03 Apr 04

I'm buying this adsl modem for a friend at under £30 but don't know how good it is yet click here It's best to get a filter for every phone socket that's got something plugged into.

BTW I've been with MN for 6 mths and very good (about £14 pm).

  pj123 17:21 03 Apr 04

MichelleC. Thanks, from what I have seen in the past postings most are only paying about £14 average. But what modem do you have on your connection? When you say a filter for every phone socket what does that actually mean. He has a main phone plus a fax machine on a separate extension and his dialup modem on another extension. Does that mean 3 filters?

  Djohn 17:34 03 Apr 04

Hi Pete. He will need a filter plugged into the main phone socket. Then the Broadband modem will plug into the ADSL side of the filter.

The phone will plug into the "Phone" side of the filter. all other analog hardware must also pass through the phone side of the filter. If these are by "Extension" leads they can all connect via a double/triple adaptor before connecting at the main filter.

If they are plugged into fixed wall sockets throughout the house then each individual socket will need a filter, the hardware plugged into the "Phone side of same. j.

  pj123 18:55 03 Apr 04

Thanks John. Will ring you. Seems this is not so simple after all. Lots of things to take into account.

  ardvarc 19:01 03 Apr 04

This is the one I bought but as MichelleC suggests there are cheaper ones that are just as good. You get 2 filters with order. I was a bit hasty but I was up and running in 3 days including line activation. Second link for Metronet details and sign up on the bottom of page.

click here?

click here

  pj123 12:14 16 May 04

Sorry, Guys. I usually check My Posting for outstanding threads. This one got missed. Because his phone is a Business Line he has gone with BT Broadband. All sorted now. Thanks, ticked.

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