to pay or not to pay

  the old man 15:01 13 Mar 04

is the best option to pay for anti-virus and firewall e.g. za pro, norton internet security and others, or can free programmes like avg, za, kerio and others cut the mustard and what combination is best.
family computer on winxp home and using pipex broadband.

  TommyRed 15:17 13 Mar 04

I have a family PC on broadband and XP home, I use AVG 6.0 for AV, ZA for firewall, SpywareBlaster to prevent nasties getting on and Ad-Aware and Spybot S & D to scan for spyware/ad-aware, these are all free and have been really useful along with the google toolbar to prevent pop-ups. HTH TR

  pj123 15:20 13 Mar 04

I have both AVG and ZoneAlarm (free editions) and I have not had any problems with either.

  sat481 15:48 13 Mar 04

I have all the free things mentioned above and have had no problems at all. As long as you keep on top of things and run virus checks and spy ware checks at regular intervals then for the average home user the freebies are more than able to handle the task.


  citadel 15:59 13 Mar 04

I like norton anti-virus and firewall, they are easy to set up and use and work well together.

  BIG ben strikes 10 16:03 13 Mar 04


  Stuartli 16:05 13 Mar 04

Use AVG, ZA, SpywareBlaster, AdAware6 and Search and Destroy 1.2 (all free) and, as stated, you should have no problems.

The real key is to update regularly - daily if necessary - and plenty of forum members advise when updates are available.

  Stuartli 16:07 13 Mar 04

..and to run regular scans with AdAware6 and S and D 1.2 (one often finds something the other doesn't)...

  whybe 16:10 13 Mar 04

I have used both but am currently using NIS2004, the increased antispam control and advertising prevention, which I didn't get with the freeware, I particularly like.

  mosfet 16:19 13 Mar 04

I bought Norton....had lot's of prob's..Had PCillian bundled with mobo....a little trouble....Now I use AVG..never had a prob.!!

  the kopite 16:32 13 Mar 04

I had norton av took it off in favour of agv

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