kimosabi 13:38 21 Dec 07

HI guys
I would like to creaate a partition on my c drive running win xp with out losing my programs.I would then like to install vista on that partition using a dual boot any help would be appricated

  PO79 13:47 21 Dec 07
  kimosabi 14:01 21 Dec 07

Big thanks p079
could i use partition magic to do the same job

  PO79 14:54 21 Dec 07

Yes I use it all the time, in my opinion it would be better.

  kimosabi 15:32 21 Dec 07

sorry to bother you again
but could you give me a rough idea what to do with p/magic as i have not used it before because i am afraid i will lose data and programs I did try it on my external usb drive and wiped out all my backups
if it is a problem to explain it to me I under stand
anyway a big thanks for your help

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