Password removeal--Not change but remove

  SparkyJack 13:49 19 Apr 15

Set up a new O/S

Entered the desired password.

Noww however ,when P/word is entered 'wrong password comes up.

Obviously a miss type.

So Chang it, but to do so it needs the original, Ha!

So how the get rid of the whole thing and start over?

Perhaps even don't have one

  northumbria61 14:50 19 Apr 15

Your easiest option at the moment would be to try combinations of what you entered as the original password. You may just hit on the correct one.

OR you could look at Tips & Information - Tip 2 onward in this LINK

  bumpkin 14:55 19 Apr 15

If you have set one, do as nothumbria suggests, if you have not set one at all then click the next button or if that does not work enter "admin" as the password and see how you get on.

  northumbria61 14:55 19 Apr 15

Sorry - you won't have the 2nd lot of options (Tips&Info) if you can't log-in so if my first suggestion doesn't work you could be looking at a reinstall.

  bumpkin 14:55 19 Apr 15

What O/S.

  SparkyJack 15:38 19 Apr 15



  bumpkin 16:10 19 Apr 15

Sparky, I don't know much about Linux but is this any help click here

  rdave13 17:08 19 Apr 15

If you've used the "@" character in the password try using "2" instead of. Might be the keyboard setting has defaulted to the US one.

  SparkyJack 12:11 20 Apr 15

Thanks guys As there is no data stored therefore nothing to lose,a reinstal seems the easy way out.

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