Password protection

  PC guy 19:07 13 Apr 08

I am starting to publish my first website. It is a bit personal, just for the family with a few photos and stuff like that. Is there a code that will ask you for a password and a username, so that only thos with the username and password will be allowed in? Or any software that will do the job?

Any help is apreciated

Thank you

  MAT ALAN 19:17 13 Apr 08

click here=

pick one...

  Patr100 18:43 14 Apr 08

Find out if your host control panel offers Password Protected folders - most paid for hosts do. Much simpler and more secure than pasted scripts etc.
Some free hosts do not allow the use of htacess files which would be used to protect pages.

  splatter 13:44 30 Apr 08

from a personal standpoint, if I'm not storing any sensitive data I would opt for htaccess as it is supported my most *nix hosts. If your host supports php/apache/mysql and you only want to show pics then why not use a gallery script? There are many out there that are simple to setup. Two of my favorites are:

Gallery2 - click here


coppermine - click here

If you want to post stories etc aswell, I would opt for gallery2 as you can then use this in conjuction with wordpress (click here) using the wordpress gallery2 plugin (click here)

hope this helps,

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