Password Protecting Memory sticks

  HauxtonPhil 10:24 14 Oct 10

I need to password protect my usb memory sticks. I need to be able to plug them in to ANY computer and be able to read them, so the program cannot be machine resident. Can anyone recommend a program for doing this please?

  Pineman100 10:52 14 Oct 10

I've heard good reports about Rohos (but haven't used it myself).

click here

Perhaps one of these click here?

Alternatively if you are just looking for the software then that Rohos sounds good. I would suggest installing truecrypt/realcrypt on the USB stick and then using that but maybe you don't want to do that.

  rawprawn 15:34 14 Oct 10

click here I use both versions, and they are excellent.
Many accountancy firms use this as prorection when visiting customers.

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