Password protecting a folder

  Pineman100 04 May 11

I run Windows 7 Home Premium (32-bit). I want to password-protect a folder on my computer, preferably without the complications of data compression or hiding the folder. I just want my wife to have access to it under a password. If I have to download new software, I'd prefer this to be free if possible

I've tried the forum's search function and found a number of quite old suggestions, but they all turn out to involve trialware rather than freeware.

Can anyone suggest how I can achieve the above, please?

  rawprawn 04 May 11

Not free, but I have used it for years to protect financial folders Hide Folders

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 04 May 11

Windows 7 will do it but it involves encrypting the folder see here

  Pineman100 04 May 11

Many thanks to you both.

rawprawn - I'll make a note of that, in case I can't get anything satisfactory for free.

Fruit Bat /\0/\ - on the face of it that looks like a good solution. However, I notice that the article casts some doubt on the security that the technique offers - it suggests that you don't store bank details, for example. Do you know why this is, given that the data is encrypted and password protected?

  robin_x 05 May 11

Axcrypt is very similar in function to the Windows software.

Dead easy to use. You can still navigate the files and folders and move/rename/delete. So it doesn't lock them in that sense.

But you need the key to open. Right click for context menu to encrypt etc.

Lots of features. 128 bit strong encryption

(I found Truecrypt a bit overpowering for just a few files.)

link text

  robin_x 05 May 11

Do NOT lose keys/passwords at this level.

Windows/BIOS/Word/WinZip etc may have passwords that can be cracked. With recent freely available encryptions you will be locked out permanently.

  Pineman100 05 May 11

Thanks robinofloxley. Axcrypt looks as though it's exactly what I need - I'll download and try it.

And thanks for your warning password loss!

  Pineman100 06 May 11

robinofloxley - just to let you know that Axcrypt does exactly what I wanted. And it's free!

Thank you very much for that tipoff.

  robin_x 06 May 11

Jolly good, thanks for the update


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