Password problem dialing up

  MAC 15:25 05 Mar 03

I have upgraded my home PC from Windows 98 to Windows XP Professional and have picked up an annoying problem trying to connect to the Internet on a standard dial up modem.

After clicking on the IE icon on the desktop the dial up box appears with my correct user name but the password appears as a string of 16 dots even though my password only has 10 digits. Obviously a connection cannot be made, as the “hidden” password is wrong. I have gone to all the known places to reset the password back to the correct one but every time I return it has filled in the mysterious 16 digit password.

I have set-up my account by using the ISP’s disk (Virgin Net) and by entering the details manually but to no avail. The same thing happens.

The only way to get around the problem is to uncheck the “remember password” and type it in each time which is a pain in the backside.

My question is has anyone else encountered this before and is there a way of modifying the registry to remove the persistent 16 digit password and add the correct one?

Kind regards

  powerless 15:27 05 Mar 03

Its a security feature of XP. Its meant to be like that.

  powerless 15:28 05 Mar 03

You should still be able to connect...

  MAC 16:46 05 Mar 03

Dear Powerless
Please can you elaborate? Do you mean under the 16 dots is my 10 digit password, and if I proceed it will connect normally?

Why would MS do such a thing to confuse users?


  leo49 16:52 05 Mar 03

Don't have XP,but from similar past queries on this, Powerless is dead on and it's designed to work like that and should connect.


  ©®@$ђ 17:00 05 Mar 03

i ahve xp, and this is a security feature in xp, make it harder for somebody to crack

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