Password management within Firefox browser

  Richochet 21:19 29 Apr 08

Good Afternoon Great Britain.

I'm running an anemic Dell D3000 and XP Home. My primary browser is Firefox v. The password manager- once you have utilized a password for a site- makes it possible to retain the username and passwork for later return to that site. Oddly, while you can remove this stuff from the Firefox password manager, there is no facility to add to it directly.
The problem is, my Yahoo (US) Email account does not automatically allow a saved password or username. Therefore, I'm looking for a Firefox hack that makes it possible to Manually enter a password and username into the Firefox password manager.
Have any of you folks any ideas on the subject? All suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

  Stuartli 22:05 29 Apr 08

I presume you've checked the Remember passwords for sites box in the Security tab (from Tools?Options?

  Richochet 05:44 01 May 08

Thank you Stuartli for you response.
In answer, yes, I have checked and re-verified that the Remember Passwords feature is engaged. I believe the problem must be related to the Yahoo log-in site, as all other pages requiring log in are automatically remembered by firefox.
I am rather hoping that someone who has also had this problem has figured out an about:config hack to do a one time entry modification and be done with it.

Again, my thanks

  octal 06:29 01 May 08

I have noticed the same thing, I won't call it a problem because I don't think it is as such. I think it's something to do with the Yahoo site, amongst others as Yahoo isn't the only site exhibit this oddity.

  Richochet 08:07 01 May 08


Thank you for the response.

To whomever left the note stating they think my question has been answered and that I should check the "resolved" box: Kindly point out the resolution of which you speak. I seem to have missed it.

  Stuartli 08:48 01 May 08

By note, do you mean e-mail?

If so, the sender should be readily apparent. Probably meant for another thread.

possible alternatives...
click here

  Richochet 11:09 02 May 08


Yes the note was referring to another post.


I had entirely forgotten about Greasemonkey. Thank you for the heads up. I also bookmarked the page you linked for additional reading.

Thanks to you both!

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