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  chestnutcake 14:08 02 Jun 11

Hi I am on here again asking what is possibly a silly question. I recently tried to log on to the Internet in a McDonalds and I picked up that there was internet available but then it asked me to input my Password. Was stumped so did not proceed. Later referred to an excellent book about my iTouch and in this under the section connecting to the Internet, it states whilst your connection will not be charged, you may have to input a password. I have since enquired in another NMcDonalds and they said, no you don't get any passwords from us, you should be able to connect without one. Can anyone help please? Thank you

  gengiscant 14:20 02 Jun 11

I have an ipod touch and no, it is not necessary to input a password at free wifi hotspots. I can only assume you were trying to log on to another connection other than MacDonald's. In a pub I go to which has free wifi I can see about 5 networks other than the pubs network. So make sure you are connecting with the MacDonald's next time you try.

  retep888™ 14:43 02 Jun 11
  woodchip 16:14 02 Jun 11

It the show all network connections, just double click on McDonald's then wollow the prompts to connect, if it asks for a password just press enter key

  woodchip 16:14 02 Jun 11

It the show all network connections, just double click on McDonald's then follow the prompts to connect, if it asks for a password just press enter key

  chestnutcake 16:20 02 Jun 11

Very grateful for all your answers. Have registered for the Cloud and will follow your tip Woodchip when at a location other than McDonalds and if I am asked for a password, I will press the enter key. I will also save up my pennies so in a few months, will PERHAPS get something like an iPhone where you can connect via 3G or whatever it is called. Second thoughts, will be a good few months. Best Wishes

  woodchip 16:24 02 Jun 11

I have connected to McDonalds in Wales, but also use my daughters T-Mobil Dongle that as a limit of 1 Gig per month. but she never reaches that and surfs on it at home as she does not have a Land Line. At Home she says its fast as it also uses Orange Network as well

  chestnutcake 16:35 02 Jun 11

I have heard about Dongles but I don't think one would be suitable for me. Whilst I have a super duper iPod Touch [ love The Bee Gees and ELO, not forgetting Barry White ] - my mobile is a very very old Nokia. This wqs the original Buisness Man's phone and when new [ yonks ago ] was very much the top dog of mobile phones. However, I doubt it would have anywhere to insert a Dongle, if that is what you do ? This Nokia was given to me about 6 years ago and although not having bells and whistles, it does the job for making phone calls and sending texts. I don't suppose you can fit a dongle in an iPod Touch either.

  woodchip 16:47 02 Jun 11

not talking about a Phone the Dongle just plugs into the USB on the Laptop, when setup all software is on the Dongle its called Web'n'Walk

  chestnutcake 18:37 02 Jun 11

That's very interesting because I do have a laptop as well and although I do not use it a lot I am pleased to know that I can get a dongle for it. Thanks again

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