Password on a folder?

  Dazwm 10:31 28 Dec 03

I want to put a folder on my desktop with some private files in. Is there anyway I can put a password on it so other users of the computer cannot open it?


  AubreyS 10:32 28 Dec 03

What O/S do you have?

  Dazwm 10:36 28 Dec 03

XP Pro

  AubreyS 10:41 28 Dec 03

Make your new folder then right click on it. Choose Sharing and Security then Make This Folder Private and follow the instructions.

  Dazwm 10:50 28 Dec 03

I've tried that but it makes you do a password to actually logon, but I want others to be able to logon and use everthing but just not see that folder.

  AubreyS 11:02 28 Dec 03

I think that is the only way you can do it in XP. There is software available to do what you want. Go to Google and do a search for something like "password protect folders"

  christmascracker 11:10 28 Dec 03

Right click the folder, properties and put a tick in the hidden box

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 11:37 28 Dec 03

There is this it is only a trail version but should do what you want click here


  Ben.s 12:27 28 Dec 03

u should hve the optoin to put a password on the files u save. r u tlkin about programs or documents?

  Dazwm 12:54 28 Dec 03

Documents and programs

  tbh72 13:03 28 Dec 03

I have win98se & have placed a password protected "Winzip" file into the Send To directory. So as such there is no visible folder, but I can securely add files by simply right clicking them & sending them to the "Zip File".

Not sure if it feasable with XP though.

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