Password bypass..........

  pac73 18:30 05 Jun 08

Hi guys,my 11 year old niece has put a password on her dell pc...But now she cant remember what she put has her password.

Could a reformat fix this?

  Pine Man 18:31 05 Jun 08

There maybe other ways but a reformat will definitely fix the problem.

  pac73 18:36 05 Jun 08

I thought that it would,thanks Pine Man.

  Technotiger 18:38 05 Jun 08

A lot to read, but this might help ... click here

  pac73 18:44 05 Jun 08

Thanks Techno,removing the cmos looks like the easiest way.

  wis 19:14 05 Jun 08

if xp there is a better way using system administater

  pac73 19:26 05 Jun 08


Dont forget i dont think i can get to any files,or log on.Shes sending the tower now.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:27 05 Jun 08

IS the password on the BIOS or is it the XP log on password?

  pac73 19:28 05 Jun 08

XP log on,i think.

  wis 19:42 05 Jun 08

ok, from your responce its xp
press power up
f8 key after power on test is finished
is your system boots as norm go back try f8 again
you get black screen ,near top safe mode,mouse
dont work up down keys,many options,just safe mode
highlite enter, next xphome or xppro enter
system will appear to hang ,no worries,finaly
you opening screen,will list all users top one
system administater click this your in
reset how yo wish

am praying some has not passworded system admin
its normaly blank no password just enter

let me know all the best

  wis 20:31 05 Jun 08

for the rest of us with simular problems can you
confirm did it work
green tick tell us how did it go

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