Passing on computer, removing my stuff

  Bald Eagle 19:16 14 Aug 06

I am passing on a computer running XP Home and want to make sure that deleted files etc are unrecoverable. Can anyone recommend a free utility that can do this?

  Gongoozler 19:38 14 Aug 06

This free utility claims to completely wipe a hard drive click here, but I think that to be 100% safe the best bet is to physically destroy the disk by opening the drive and breaking the disks.

Having wiped the drive, it will be necessary to reinstall Windows.

  Graham. 19:44 14 Aug 06

Yes, take it out and destroy it
click here

  SB23 20:09 14 Aug 06

Eraser is also very good,

click here


  rdave13 20:12 14 Aug 06

Just reformat and install windows.

  Graham. 20:14 14 Aug 06

Er, no!

  VoG II 20:15 14 Aug 06

Er, yes - unless it contains state secrets and is being passed on to the KGB.

  rodriguez 20:18 14 Aug 06

Chances are the person you pass it on to won't be interested in recovering any old files, and if they were then I don't think they would have the software or knowledge to recover files from a drive completely written with zeros by those eraser programs anyway, as the only people who really have the software or knowledge are recovery companies and the police.

  amonra 20:24 14 Aug 06

Dont get paranoid over erasing old files.
As VoG said earlier, unless you have state secrets, then it's jusy not worth the hassle of recovering the data. Just format and re-instal.

  Graham. 20:56 14 Aug 06

Did nobody read my click here of 19:44?

  rdave13 20:59 14 Aug 06

What happens when you reformat a drive?

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