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  1st spring 21:22 23 Jul 09

I have bought a second had net book. When I try to go on line it will not let me and it is asking for a pass word. Will I be able to override this password by getting one myself or has it put a stop to getting on line altogether

  DieSse 22:22 23 Jul 09

You'll need to explain a bit more.

If you're trying to go on-line - I presume you have an internet service? Who is it with?

Are you talking about a Wireless connection - or cabled - or a mobile dongle?

Is this for browsing the web, or email?

With a netbook - is it Windows or Linux?

Trying to help without knowing more is just guessing. And no, it doesn't mean you can never get on-line - it just means it needs to be setup for the way you want to use it.

  1st spring 15:27 24 Jul 09

Thank for your reply. Internet server is Virgin. I am talking about Wireless connection, I would like to browse the web and send email whilst away from home. I have a main desk top PC which I have to plug into the electric. It is a Toshiba NB100.

  Clapton is God 16:01 24 Jul 09

So can we assume that you are being asked for a password by the modem/router?

If so, did you install that modem/router and ISP software yourself?

If so, you should know the password.

If not, presumably this is a leftover from installations by the previous owner of the netbook.

  cream. 16:03 24 Jul 09

You still haven't said if it's

windows or
Linux Ubuntu 8.04

Also has it been wiped clean ( formatted ) or does it still have the last users settings on it?

These might give us a clue on how to proceed.

Also is it a virgin router or modem. Does it have the codes on the bottom of the Virgin modem or router?

  cream. 16:03 24 Jul 09

Cross posting:-)

just what I was thinking.

  1st spring 12:06 27 Jul 09

Sorry for taking so long. Some one has managed to get be on line but the signal is very low.

I am using Windows. We have a modem on the main PC. The last owners info has been scrambled. I think this is the words I was told so that his details are not known but his name is still here

a) The PC comes up This computer is in use and has been looked and only Jack Frost or a administrator can unlock it,

b) Other times I am BT open zone it tells me to double click to change security settings

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