Pass thro on Internet Explorer Start up

  babybell 20:19 13 Aug 03

I have a p.c at home that is used a lot by people getting used to the internet and i think someone has downloaded something that they shouldn't. When i start Internet Explorer, no matter what my homepage, in this example i get a link to: click here and it brings up all sorts up adverts, also wfix is popping up adverts for sex at the bottom of my screen and i need to get rid of it. I have tried searching the C: for it but have had no luck, can anyone help me, pleaseeeee, its making surfing very slow and annoying.

  VoG II 20:24 13 Aug 03

Try Ad-aware click here and Spybot click here

  martjc 20:43 13 Aug 03

try this. Go to the site. These things usually have a support or contact section. Tell them you do not want their services. They should tell you how to delete them.

Even if you do as they ask, I have found that their software simplt resets itself as your start page. In that case run their delete program or follow their advice, then before re-booting your machine, a.manually change your start page from the IE Tools menu. Then search the registry using regedit and delete any and all references to wfix. You should be o.k. after a re-boot.

  woodchip 20:57 13 Aug 03

Go to start\Run and type MSCONFIG press enter have a look in the startup tab to see if you can see anything related to the problem if there is remove the tick in the box and restart you computer

  JoeC 20:59 13 Aug 03

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