partnering a friend with a game

  farmboy 20:04 17 Apr 04

I would like to play my friend on comand and conquer, he has a desktop computer and i have a laptop. Can i take the laptop around his house and set them both up to play on, so that we do not have to play on a split screen

  hugh-265156 20:23 17 Apr 04

you should be able to set it up for play over a lan,i believe its compatable but i think you will both need a copy of the disc maybe.

  farmboy 14:08 18 Apr 04


  AndySD 14:16 18 Apr 04

All you realy need is a network (LAN, RJ45) connection on the pc and the laptop (most modern pc's and laptops have them) If the pc doesnt then you will need a network card. Also a crossover cable to connect the pc'S.

  farmboy 23:13 19 Apr 04

what does lan connection look like, my friends computer is a little bit old, but what am i looking for and where on his computer, and also i have the latest laptop from packard bell, what am i looking for on my laptop and where. I thought to get on the internet you need a nic, my friend is on the internet, so can i say thay he has a network interface card. Finally where do crossover cables connect to on our computers. Sorry not much knowledge in this area. thnx

  AndySD 23:25 19 Apr 04

can you tell us the model of your laptop? I can then find out if it has the connection.

A NIC (network interface card) looks like click here you can see the socket there. If your friend doesnt have this connection they cost £5-£15

  farmboy 22:23 23 Apr 04

i have two connections like this , 1 for my modem, and 1 next two it which looks like a modem connection, but has a picture of what looks like two computers. I guess this is it.

  AndySD 10:13 24 Apr 04

yes thats the one. Now you friend needs one also

  farmboy 16:05 24 Apr 04

i will find out! thanx

  QuickHare 16:15 24 Apr 04

As for the game, one copy of the game will do.

The game comes in two halves. The first is an good team's disc, the other is the bad team's disc. (Allied and Soviets or GDI and NOD depending on game).

Even though they are both opposing sides, they both have data for either team. Play whichever you want, sharing the discs.

On a more legal note, I think a serial connection can work wonders. It supports it.

  farmboy 23:47 24 Apr 04

legal note? use serial port for what?

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