Partitions on hard drive

  rogerval 17:37 27 Jan 09

What are partitions on a hard drive and why should I use them? I seem to have done without while using a Windows PC since 1995.

  Graham. 17:47 27 Jan 09

You don't have to use them, but most PC's today will have a Recovery partition in addition to the system partition.

You would use an additional partition if you wished to dual-boot, eg. Vista and Windows 7.

  Graham. 17:49 27 Jan 09

To view your partitions, right click Computer, Manage, Disk Management.

  john bunyan 17:54 27 Jan 09

Some people like to have their Operating system and programmes on one partition, say about 50Gig, and their data ("My Documents" etc)on a second, larger , partition. Depending on your needs you may find that defragmenting is easier, and incremental back ups are easier. It really is up to you - some like to keep music, say, on a separate partition. I do that mentioned in the first sentence.

  rogerval 21:23 27 Jan 09

Thanks Graham and John. I do have a Recovery file amongst my stuff. It seems to work OK if I have needed it. I defrag and back up regularly to a separate hard drive on USB so perhaps I shall crack on in blissful ignorance without any partitions on my hard drive.

  MAT ALAN 21:34 27 Jan 09

rogerval if everybody on here thought in the same vane as you we would have nothing to do, SO whack on a few partitions mess em up a bit and liven me day up abit...

OHH!! welcome to PCA....

  DieSse 21:50 27 Jan 09

All hard disks have a partition, even if only one. You presumably have one partition, which occupies the whole of your drive. When the drive was first set up, that's when the partition was created, before formatting for the first time.

Why have partitions? - for convenience, simpler backups, quicker recoveries, and to fit more than one OS on a system.

It's by no means essential to have more than one - I ran that way for many years.

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