Partitioning new Win 7 PC not losing Recovery

  compumac 12:36 06 Oct 10

I am having a bad week, nearly everything around me has been going pear shaped. I have just purchased a Win 7 Medion MD8347 along with a Medion MD90138 external drive that fits in the top bay of the PC. Unfortunately the two items are incompatible with each other. Medion are currently working on a patch for this.
The PC has four partitions with the Boot C being 890GB, there is also a recovery partition, a System Reserve partition and a Healthy 1Gb partition. I wish to reduce (shrink) the main boot drive to perhaps 500GB and with the space created by the shrinking, create a partition for my data, all this without the danger of losing the recovery portion. I have Acronis and have already created images to an external drive and appreciate that with those images I can replace the system anyway. However it is early days with this unit and I wish to retain that recovery partition for some little while longer.
I have done this previously with all of my other PC's using Partition Magic V8 which will not function under Win7. I created three partitions on the external drive using the Win 7 facility and it was straight forward. With my recent pear shaped problems I am hesitating about repartitioning my main drive. Can someone out there comfort me with a step by step guide?

  mgmcc 12:49 06 Oct 10

Windows 7's "Disk Management" ("Start > Run", type DISKMGMT.MSC and click OK) should let you shrink the size of "C" drive without impacting on the other partitions. Doing so will create "Unallocated Space" which you can then partition and format to provide the data partition that you need.

  compumac 12:58 06 Oct 10

I used Disk Management in Win 7 to partition to the external drive. I would presume that it is the same process? Is it that simple? With so many recent mishaps I am prempting problems and trying to assess what I could do wrong.

  woodchip 13:51 06 Oct 10

If you buy and use Acronis Disc Director 10 You can do it. But you are better creating a Image of the Partition first using TI to a external drive

  compumac 14:03 06 Oct 10

Already created image of existing partition to external drive. I believe that it is straight forward to use Win 7 as I have done with external drive but lack the courage to do it yet, as I have said, most of what I have touched over the past week or so has gone upside down.

  woodchip 14:12 06 Oct 10

Well if you created a Image with TI and it verified okay you should not have a problem. As you can restore the Image if it goes wrong. But I use the above program as I like it and know it works

  compumac 14:33 06 Oct 10

I Win7 I shrunk volume C to 500GB and then tried to create a partition in the resulting space but a dialogue box came up advising that there was not enough space to carry out the action. Reverted back to full 890GB. ???

  compumac 17:03 06 Oct 10

I should have also said that the space entered/requested was the same amount as was available. I even entered a size well below the space available and still received the "not enough space to carry out the action". What am I doing wrong? As I also said I am having a bad week!!!

  woodchip 18:01 06 Oct 10

As I said Acronis Disk Director will do it easy click here
I have this version and it does what I want. click here New version 11 as more features

  woodchip 18:03 06 Oct 10

Free to Try
click here
But do not know if it will let you do what you want, without paying for it

  compumac 19:09 06 Oct 10

The link you gave did not download, be it free to try or otherwise. I was hoping that someone may very well come back with how to do it correctly in Win7. If not then I will go down the road of obtaing Acronis Disk Director.

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