partitioning my hard drive

  indune 21:28 06 Oct 04

Hi all,

Please forgive me if this seems simple, but I am a little confused, I am at the moment running 98se and would like to upgrade to xp, but every time I install xp my btvoyager 100 adsl modem stops working, even on a clean install, so I decided to partition my hard drive to 2 x20gig partitions and install 98se on one and xp on the other.At the moment I have 98 running but do not know how to put xp on the now d drive, I partitioned using fdisk.
thanks indune

  TomJerry 21:39 06 Oct 04

Use PM to prepare drive and install XP, then install Bootmagic (come with PM) to manage
which one to boot up.

You can get PM8 from Amazon for £20 click here

But, I think the better way to sort out modem problem. It should work if you install correct driver software. I think you download it from BT website. Or get a new modem, ZyXel Prestige 630 USB ADSL Modem £21.62 click here

  indune 22:06 06 Oct 04

i thought there might be a way to install it through windows, but I always knew I would have to put my hand in my deep pocket.

  howard60 22:19 06 Oct 04

if you do not want to spend anything other than xp you can fdisk your hard drive losing everything on it. with fdisk you can set 2 partitions. then install win98 on the c drive as normal. with that running you can then insert the xp cd and tell it to install on the d drive. when completed you will have a system that boots into xp after about 15 seconds giving you the option to choose the other operating system.

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