Partitioning Hard Drive

  whatchamacallit 22:13 15 Dec 06

Hi to all.
its a time of good-will and beer, or what ever if you dont drink.

Q. are we limited how many partitions you can have on a Hard-drive with Fat32 system.

  ton 22:24 15 Dec 06

I know you can use all the letters of the alphabet (include floppy and CD etc.

I don't know if it is possible to use more than this.

  SANTOS7 22:28 15 Dec 06

How many partitions can I have on my hard disk?

Physical hard disks can contain up to four primary partitions or up to three primary partitions and infinite logical partitions. The number of primary partitions on a disk is limited because the partition table located on the hard disk contains only four records. Extended partitioning supports additional divisions of the drive into logical partitions. The number of logical partitions on a disk drive is unlimited.

  whatchamacallit 22:32 15 Dec 06

Would the system take (C1) OR (D1) (DD) AFTER (Z) and so no.

  SANTOS7 22:35 15 Dec 06

I think it allocates double drive letters after Z having said that if you have that many partitions is a bit mad..

  whatchamacallit 23:14 15 Dec 06

thank you
So we could have three Primary partitions. Extended partition and within the Extended partition Xamount of logical partitions.

  SANTOS7 23:19 15 Dec 06

Seems so, if i remember rightly there was someone on the forum a while ago now that confessed to having about 20 partitions on their HDD, still not sure why you would want that many and there are arguments for and against.
I have 4 on my secondary drive and 2 on my master
thats just the way i like it and they serve me well .

  dan 11 23:29 15 Dec 06

I posted 24 partitions from one hard drive.

You can not use the letters A or B and you must sacrifice an optical drive to gain maximum partitions.

If you use windows XP and have at least 2 partitions, then a total of 24 partitions are available through disk management, even with fat32.

  SANTOS7 23:42 15 Dec 06

Hi dan11, thanks for the added info,i was going to ask about double drive lettes but this click here answers my question..

  whatchamacallit 23:48 15 Dec 06

Ok Lets not kick partitioning. The main thing it helps us keep things in order.

I like to keep my OS system files in C and keep the rest in X Y Z. many of us do will do the same.

With having more than one partition on your PC help you retain a Virus,

  dan 11 23:48 15 Dec 06


Windows NT may allow you to do this, but I think XP has not this facility.

It would be great if I could format a single drive into nearly 50 partitions. If you come across a solution I would be very interested.

the reason to format the harddrive, why have specific folders when you can have dedicated partitions?

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